Weekly faves: the best Benefit Lemon Aid dupe, Fast and Furious, Wrestlemania + more

2 Apr 2017

OK, I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for anything shiny, glittery or sequin-y (it's a word now). Amazingly though not one of those has made it into this list of weekly faves but they’ll always hold a place in my magpie-like heart. And yup, that is a Christmas Cookie Yankee Candle burning away in my pic and yes, I am still lighting that flame a whole season out of date. Anyway, these are a few of my favourite things…


I'm so bloomin’ impressed with the NYX concealer jar in yellow, this is the best dupe I’ve EVER found for Benefit's Lemon Aid which I’ve used religiously for more than 10 years so that's saying something. It's way more affordable (£6 v £17.5) and is THE BEST at covering dark circles, I use it for blemishes too.

Before I went on Roaccutane six years ago I had cystic acne which has left me with scars but this stuff does a great job at covering hyperpigmentation. It's now a staple in my makeup bag and I defo recommend it if you're looking for a little helping hand in the beauty department!


Something that's fast become a fave for life is my quirky little pill box from Boots. That makes me sound like I take loads of meds, thankfully I don't but just over 11 weeks ago I was (finally) told I have hypothyroidism aka an underactive thyroid. If you don't know much about it then basically your thyroid gland sits at the front of your throat and it's essentially the body's equivalent of a car engine. If your engine doesn't work, you're not really gonna have much get up and go. And whereas a car doesn't put on weight if it doesn't move, a human does...

For me, the biggest signs of having an underactive thyroid were weight gain; lack of energy and motivation; hair loss and feeling cold, irritable and anxious pretty much all of the time. No biggie then. As you can imagine I was an absolute joy to be around before being prescribed what I'm calling the cure! So now I have to take one big (50mcg) and one small (25mcg) tablet of Levothyroxine every day, forever. Forever-ever? Forever-ever. Praise the lord for doctors and Outkast!

I'm finally feeling a million times more like myself, I have a lot more energy and the weight is coming off. I'd definitely urge anyone who's experienced any of those symptoms to get a blood test done to check for hypothyroidism. It's something I plan to chat about more in a future post to document my journey too so shout-out to all those in the Levothyroxine club!


I could talk about these faves all day long but a recent TV favourite has got to be the Sky Atlantic smash that is Big Little Lies. I'm only one episode in but anything set in California starring Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and a whodunnit storyline is good enough for me. It's a bit like a more mature version of Desperate Housewives without John Barrowman (remember him?) and it's got a sweet soundtrack too.

Speaking of soundtracks, my Recently Added playlist now includes Good Life from the upcoming Fast & Furious 8 film; The Fate of the Furious (we've already got our tickets). What? Who doesn't love high-octane thrills and spills in 120 mins complete with the legend that is my childhood hero Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson? It's my favourite franchise of all time, right up there with Bad Boys I + II. Fun fact: I came within touching distance of Will Smith on a red carpet last summer for the Suicide Squad premiere. Yup. All I got was a photo of the back of his head but that's good enough for me.

While we're here, something you should also know is that I've been a die-hard WWE fan since I was 10. We're talking WWF Attitude Era levels of love over here. I even have a towel with my favourite wrestlers on (it was a Christmas present OK). I went to New Orleans in 2014 to see WrestleMania 30 and cried as The Undertaker lost his 21-year winning streak. So it should come as no surprise that I'm ridiculously excited to be settling down to this year's WrestleMania roller coaster live show at 1am tonight thanks to this week's final escapism fave; a WWE Network subscription! #WWE4LYFE. My wrestling name would be Honey Z. Probably.

If WWE stuff means nothing to you that's A-OK because I also have a love for Jimmy's Iced Coffee, cuddles with Oreo and Cookie, the rain, the cold side of the pillow and veggie Colin the Caterpillars. I'm sure we'll have plenty more in common!

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