Nutella cocktail party review: It was as delicious as it sounds

19 Apr 2017

Nutella. It can do no wrong in my eyes. On toast, in Ready Brek and now in a cocktail. I'm officially nuts for Nutella. There I said it. I'm not one for mixing sweet and savoury but I'm pretty sure Nutella would go with anything. Forget salted caramel, it's salted Nutella's time. Maybe. Until then let me tell you what went down at Bristol's first ever Nutella cocktail party! And apparently it's pronounced new-tella, not nut-tella, who knew?


If you haven't been to The Bootlegger before it's not your average speakeasy. Speaking of which there are plenty to choose from in Bristol, but this was less Hyde & Co and more of an intimate show. And with an audience of around 30 of us, The Bootlegger barmen did not disappoint.

Our first fix came in the form of a Nutella Martini made up of Black Cow vodka, Frangelico, cocoa powder, fresh hazelnuts and of course, Nutella. It was smooth, rich and went down so fast that I didn't even get to take a photo of it in all its glory. I'm pretty sure James Bond would have enjoyed it, stirred and all.


Considering the barman kindly told me, "You demolished those", I'd have to say the delicious little fluffy clouds of pancakey goodness that were placed in front of us by the guys and gals from The Parlour were 10/10. This sweet interlude got us ready for our shake it like a Polaroid picture moment, where we were invited up to the bar to get hands-on with a Nutella Cream cocktail-making masterclass.

We started off with the Black Cow Vodka again but this time it was paired with a strawberry liqour, Nutella and milk mix, whipped cream and garnished with what can only be described as chocolate Nesquik powder. On the rocks. It was flipping fun to make and shake, and even more fun to drink.

By this point in the evening, my Nutella/pancake/brownie/banana food baby was growing and I'd forgotten to save room for the Nutella Espresso Martini that was on its way, so we called it a day and agreed it was the best Nutella nightcap we'd ever had. I think a trip to The Parlour - which is actually a few doors up from The Bootlegger on Cheltenham Road - is definitely in order for our next date night. For research purposes of course.

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