Not another blog: introducing Serendipity Spin

1 Apr 2017

Call me an April Fool but I've decided today is the best day to tick 'start a blog' off my bucket list! EEK! My very own slice of serendipity on this big ol' web. I'm freaking excited about getting this up and running and can't wait to see what it grows up to be. Until then, get comfy while I introduce myself...


I'm Zainab, a born and bred Bristolian without the Stephen Merchant accent (so I'm told). I live on the outskirts of this bustling city with my two cute cats; Oreo and Cookie. Fun fact #1: I'm the youngest of five. Fun fact #2: Slide now does rides to and from my home but Uber still doesn't. So there's that.


This is going to be my happy place and if it makes others happy too then YAY! This will be somewhere I come to unwind and upload my musings. A bit of a life and style blog with a mix of adventure and beauty thrown in for good measure. I've always loved words and nice looking things (like graffiti, sunsets and Tom Hardy) and I'd like to learn to take a nice picture or few, so thought this would be a good place to start. I've decided to go with Blogger for ease so we'll see how it goes!


I literally love alliteration, and things that happen by chance. Originally I was thinking of coming up with something a bit mystical with the words fate or magic but I thought you're not 12 anymore, nah, forget it, go home to Bel Air. Sorry, I mean I thought nah, that's not it, keep going. And then the word serendipity just popped into my head. I was thinking of all the possible 'S' words to go with it and then it hit me - you have a degree and shed-loads of experience in PR; the art of storytelling that some like to call spin. And so Serendipity Spin was born.


While some may say I'm confident when they meet me, in reality I'm much more of an introvert online. I just said "in reality" when referring to online. Welcome to 2017! What I mean is that I love a good YouTube binge and I'm partial to an Insta-stalk but I rarely leave a comment. That's something I want to work on this year though...and I do like a good short but sweet tweet.

When it comes to my favourite bloggers, the ones I always go back to are Hannah Gale, Kate La Vie, The Lovecats Inc, A Rosie Outlook, Milk Bubble Tea and new faves; Robowecop and Being Little. To me, they're a bigger, brighter and better-looking version of a Glamour or Cosmopolitan magazine and you don't have to wait a month for your next fix. And while I don't plan to dabble in it just yet, my favourite YouTubers are Samantha Maria, Allana Davison, Alexandrea Garza, Thepersianbabe, Melanie MurphyPatricia Bright and Meg Says.

And that's a wrap! Hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into what will become a whole new world of serendipity. Keep an eye out for tomorrow's post which will be a round-up of this week's faves. I'm off to congratulate myself on starting this blog by eating a mint Cornetto...

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