Travel diary: 48 hours in Belfast

29 Apr 2017

Having just spent 48 hours in Belfast I've gotta tell you it's one of the most beautifully bustling and enchanting cities I've ever been to. Albeit a little cold in April, but hey if it's good enough for the cast of Game of Thrones then who am I to judge? Everyone's favourite Northern Irish actor, James Nesbitt, reckons Belfast is a city that's "living comfortably with its present and looking forward to its future" and I couldn't agree more, it's a beaut!

Nutella cocktail party review: It was as delicious as it sounds

19 Apr 2017

Nutella. It can do no wrong in my eyes. On toast, in Ready Brek and now in a cocktail. I'm officially nuts for Nutella. There I said it. I'm not one for mixing sweet and savoury but I'm pretty sure Nutella would go with anything. Forget salted caramel, it's salted Nutella's time. Maybe. Until then let me tell you what went down at Bristol's first ever Nutella cocktail party! And apparently it's pronounced new-tella, not nut-tella, who knew?

Best true crime podcasts: S-Town, Untold + They Walk Among Us

8 Apr 2017

Stories; they bring everyone together. From a young age we're taught to read stories, write stories and tell stories. But there's something about listening to a story that can transport you to a whole new world. I don't think I ever grew out of having a story read to me and that's why I love podcasts, which is strange because audio books are so not my thing. 

Weekly faves: the best Benefit Lemon Aid dupe, Fast and Furious, Wrestlemania + more

2 Apr 2017

OK, I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for anything shiny, glittery or sequin-y (it's a word now). Amazingly though not one of those has made it into this list of weekly faves but they’ll always hold a place in my magpie-like heart. And yup, that is a Christmas Cookie Yankee Candle burning away in my pic and yes, I am still lighting that flame a whole season out of date. Anyway, these are a few of my favourite things…